Ultradiol Broad-Spectrum Hemp Extract CBD Gel Caps

Ultradiol CBD Gel Caps
Not Your Regular CBD - 20x more bioavailable than regular CBD!
  • Broad-Spectrum Hemp Extract CBD Gel Caps
  • Formulated using unique patented bio-enhancement nanotechnology
  • Gluten-Free, Non GMO, Lactose-Free
  • 3rd Party Lab tested
  • Made only with safe, edible, GRAS ingredients
  • Manufactured in USA

With 10mg of bio-enhanced cannabinoids per serving, Ultradiol Broad-Spectrum Hemp Extract CBD Gel Caps are the go-to supplement that physicians know and trust. Our premium-quality UltraGels are a convenient and perfect way to get your essential fatty acids while on the run. At Ultradiol, we believe in utilizing the whole plant to create a therapeutic product that is potent and effective, empowering people to take hold of their health while providing an alternative solution to a number of modern-day health conditions. 

Ultradiol Broad-Spectrum Hemp Extract CBD Gel Caps


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